Nicci Robinson – Chief Executive

A bit about your experience/skills: I’ve worked in the voluntary sector all my life: with children, young people, the elderly, and mentally and physically challenged adults. I’m a people-person, extremely optimistic and what other people might see as a problem, I see as a challenge and an opportunity for learning. I’m well organised, friendly, approachable, dedicated and loyal to the cause. I stand up for what I believe in (which has often caused me problems but never stops me doing it again!) I have a great fund-raising record and a creative, flexible approach to every task. I value my staff and demand their very best 100% of the time – I never ask someone to do something I wouldn’t do or haven’t already done and I lead by example. I’ve a Bachelors degree in Social Sciences, a Masters in Youth & Community Studies and a Certificate in Youth Counselling. I like to stay involved in service delivery to keep in touch with the people we’re working with and for: I do my best work when I’m inspired by personal stories and you can only get that through meaningful contact with your members.

Hobbies/Interests: I love to travel – the US and Europe mainly. If you were ever wondering why I drive around in an old banger, it’s so I can travel more! I ski and try to go every year until my knees give out! I like to hike, climb and rock scramble; mountain bike and go to the gym. I have an eclectic taste in music; I write fiction and play guitar. Oh, and even though I don’t smoke, I collect Zippos … and baseballs … and license plates (from the USA only, of course!).

How do you see your role within MENding UK? It’s my job to develop the group into a registered charity. We have a fantastic staff team (paid and unpaid) literally bursting with ideas and innovations to develop our services and it’s my responsibility to develop the strategy to turn those into reality. Our aim is to make MENding UK a charity with national impact, supporting as many survivors and victims as we can in addition to educating & sensitising healthcare professionals and other organisations in their contact with survivors and victims.

Why did you get involved: Services for survivors of childhood sexual abuse are sparse – services for male victims are even more so. I wanted to be involved in a charity that addressed this gap. It’s important to me that we enable our members to embark on their healing journey and look to facilitate their members to see life beyond their abuse. That’s the vision of MENding UK, and I want to play a big part in its development.

Janice Frisby

Janice Frisby – Evaluative-Need Therapy Manager

A bit about your work experience and skills: I gained my Social Work degree and counselling qualifications, and later qualified as a counselling supervisor. I have worked in the voluntary sector as a counsellor for 15 years . I gained my BACP Accreditation in 2008. I supervise qualified and trainee counsellors. I also have a small private counselling practice.

Hobbies/Interests: My hobbies are Yoga, walking, reading and spending as much time as possible with family and friends.

How do you see your role within MENding:  As an experienced therapist and clinical supervisor I’m responsible for developing a long term counselling service for members who need it.

Why did you get involved: I was around when S.H.E. started to grow right at the beginning and was inspired by the passion and commitment of everyone involved especially Hannah and Jacqui. At that point I was in full time employment and didn’t have the time to get involved. As the years progressed I felt drawn to the people and to the work. When the opportunity to work freelance for S.H.E. came along I jumped at the chance, and it’s great to see the organisation develop and extend their services to male victims.


Wendy May: Research and Communications Coordinator

A bit about your work experience and skills: I manage a specialised training program which involves eLearning and digitally enabled training. I’ve conducted research for the Australian Government on PTSD and other issues, and have spent several years working in private hospitals that offer psychiatric care. I have a BA Science: Psychology, I belong to the Australian Psychological Society, and the Australian Institute of Training and Development.

Hobbies/Interests: When I’m not working, I enjoy photography, technology in all its forms, and reading.

How do you see your role within MENding: I volunteer in a general support role. I work online, developing the charity’s resources in the social media, education, and research areas.

Why did you get involved: I became aware of SHE UK (the umbrella charity of MENding) through a friend, and I wanted to offer some of my time, skills, and resources to assist MENding UK to do their very important work.